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About Kampala Design Week

We provide a service that connects designers to knowledge and information useful in the industry; markets and experienced networks. We attract players at all levels of the of Ugandan design industry.

KDW hopes to enhance the synergy among our design partners, and in turn boost Uganda‚Äôs profile and attractiveness as a global city for design. 
While existing design communities such as Uganda Society of Architects, Kafunda Kreatives, Uganda Press Photo Awards, etc. are built to promote design within their respective design fields, KDW fosters a multi-disciplinary approach to extending the design industries attractiveness and visibility beyond individual fields. KDW also makes design more accessible to people outside the design industry to raise awareness, such that they may better appreciate and ultimately support design.
Kampala Design Week builds onto the existing networks to create, grow and empower a community of designers to build a fulfilling and profitable career; while also prompting the world outside to appreciate and support the industry. 


Our work requires the generosity of designers and patners. If you would like to come along on the Kampala Design Week journey and change the world with us, here is how.